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As a small business owner, finding and recruiting talent  can take precious time and resources away from your day-to-day operations … and yet, your business cannot grow or thrive unless you find employees and highly skilled talent. In the past, small businesses were able to post job openings in local newspapers or send listings to temp and recruiting firms and watch the qualified applications roll in. Today, newspaper ads often yield more unqualified leads than viable candidates, and partnering with recruiters can be expensive (and just as much of a time commitment as conducting the job search on your own). Top job seekers expect to find high caliber postings on job websites, including company information, salary guidelines, and benefits. For many business owners, this can be new or even uncomfortable. To get you started, we recommend these top five job posting sites to post job hiring ads confidently and easily.

Top 5 Job Posting Sites

  1. LinkedIn:  LinkedIn is THE place to be as a candidate or a recruiter. Simply set up a company profile, invite current and past employees to review your organization and share information about your organization, and then easily list and monitor job postings to find employees  on the site. LinkedIn is the largest hub for job seekers, with over 100 million monthly active users — ensuring you get plenty of exposure to the talent in your area. The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly sort through and reach out to qualified candidates and keep the recruitment process moving. This is one of the quickest and most effective job posting sites no matter where you are located or what industry you are recruiting for.


  1. Local Universities and Colleges: Don’t underestimate the power of posting on your local university and college job websites. And don’t assume you will only get undergraduate or entry level talent. Your local alumni networks are some of the most powerful ways to reach candidates who already live in your area and who are likely to stay and want to grow with your organization. Most colleges and universities are also willing to partner with local businesses to help filter and send top candidates your way, making the process a little bit easier for you to find the right fit.


  1. Chamber of Commerce: In that vein, don’t forget to post listings on your local Chamber of Commerce (and other community organizations such as Rotary International or Junior League) sites. If LinkedIn represents the best large-scale job search exposure you can get, posting via local organizations gives you access to actively searching talent in your own back yard. Local civic and service organizations also provide great networking opportunities that can lead to candidate referrals (or even business).


  1. IndeedMonster, and TheLaddersAlthough we firmly recommend LinkedIn as the best large-scale job hiring board in the market, you may also consider,, and These three sites all compete for the same talent and serve as a direct competitor to LinkedIn. If you have a lot of openings to fill or have time to manage multiple sites, these sites may be an option. Start with one or two job posting sites and build from there based on your needs and the type of candidates applying to your posts. Because many candidates actively move between LinkedIn and these three sites, you likely do not need to post on all of them at once.


  1. Get ready for Facebook job postingsLast, but certainly, not least — it’s time to start looking ahead. This month, Facebook announced they will be slowly unveiling a job posting feature to their social media platform that serves job recommendations to potential candidates based on the businesses they frequent and the types of interests they engage with online. Their goal is to help organizations find employees who already have an affinity for their brand and who want to work with them. Facebook’s hope is that this will be a tool for millennia’s who are actively and passively seeking employment to build deeper connections with their workplace by placing people in jobs and industries they truly love.


Get your job posts ready! You will have plenty of talent in no time.



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