5 Ways To Stay On Top Of New Technology To Grow Your Business

Small business owners, perhaps more than others, need to stay abreast of tech news and innovations and continue to integrate relevant strategies into their business models. With many of the recent technological advances, the small business owner can leverage their expertise to leap frog over the competition and maintain a cutting edge. Check out the helpful strategies below …Read More

5 Ways For Small Business Owners to Save Money

Survival of the fittest – we’ve all heard this phrase connected with Charles Darwin and his book “On the Origin of Species”. Darwin talked about a theory of natural selection, but it was actually Herbert Spencer who coined this phrase after reading Darwin’s book. Spencer compared Darwin’s biological concept into an economic one. Basically, a business must be …Read More

How Small Business Owners Can Increase Profits And Business On Instagram

Social media marketing is a foregone conclusion in today’s tech savvy world, and long gone are the days when placing a targeted ad or two online count as a marketing initiative. Various studies have outlined the migration from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram, with social engagement demonstrably higher on this platform, as users consider the …Read More

How to Win Back Dissatisfied Customers and Have Them for Life

Repeat customers are the life blood of a successful business, and keeping them satisfied and coming back for life is worth any extra effort that may be required. Perhaps even more important than maintaining a strong base of returning customers, is winning back those that are dissatisfied. AJ Agrawal posits in the Huffington Post, that customer complaints should …Read More