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What is a Quality Business Leader?

A great business leader starts as someone with an idea. Having great ideas is wonderful, but it’s not enough. Many wish to be a business leader, while just a few actually become one. If you want to become a business leader, you need to be able to make things happen. Those that fail are those whose ideas fall through due to lack of action.

Being able to take action is only one aspect of being a business leader. To be the best, there are other qualities to take into consideration. In this post, we’ll go over just some of the ways you can take your leadership skills to the next level.

The Traits of a Great Business Leader

Development of these traits will increase your authority and build your chances for success. Ask yourself if you are applying these, and realize what you can work on within yourself to become great.


Having your first idea that sees action is only the beginning. You need to be able to continue to come up with innovations and adapt creatively to new challenges. It’s incredibly rare for one idea to be enough to carry a company forever. Customers and clients will want more from you over time, and you will need to be able to deliver. Technologies also change, which can mean your product becomes obsolete or will require modifications.

Highly developed creativity skills will lead to quality adaptive ideas and the ability to foresee changes and react to them.


An un-decisive business leader will not make it very far. Decisions need to be made and acted upon every day. If you are incredibly imaginative, you may have ideas; you need to take action. Ideas without action are what separate successful entrepreneurs from those who will always wish to be one.

Not every crossroad has a clear choice, you will need to be able to make a decision and make it happen. Inaction will always lead to failure.


Unfortunately, some decisions will not play out quite as planned and create new hurdles. You may lose clients, experience technical failures; anything can happen. Being able to react and persevere through tough times is essential. Running a successful business can be incredibly taxing on the psyche and tempt you to fold. You will need a high sense of mental constitution and resistance to buckling under pressure.

Business requires toughness, work through the hard times and keep a positive attitude.


A trait that will aid in keeping high endurance is realizing what skills your employees do well. A great business leader will feel the compulsion to wear many hats; sometimes too many. If a task exists that you feel the need to take on but find very difficult or time-consuming, there may be an employee to assume this responsibility who can perform it efficiently. A great business leader sees greatness and ability in their staff.

Spot the best people for jobs you can no longer perform. Doing this will free your mind and time, allowing you to direct focus to where it needs to be.

Traits to Avoid

Above, we covered a few helpful qualities for business leaders to utilize. The following are some tempting negative traits you need to be careful not to make habitual.

Inadequate Communication

It’s a fact that most entrepreneurs crave a 25-hour day. Time is at a premium and taking shortcuts to save time is enticing. Never let communication with your staff take a hit for the sake of saving time.

Poor communication leads to poor performance. Your employees need to have clear instruction and strong leadership. It may take more time to be concise and lay everything out, but the avoidance of potential shortcomings or improper execution will save your time and sanity.

Not Enough Delegation

As mentioned earlier, entrepreneurs can fall into a habit of taking on too many responsibilities. The inability or hesitation to delegate will lead to inefficiencies in operations and resentment amongst your workers. You will have willing volunteers for tasks that aren’t being utilized, and you will be taking on more than you need to.

Find the best people for the job; direct your attention where it needs to be.

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