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Every day, millions of local businesses fight for customers online.  What determines who wins and who loses?  Simple.  In the end, it all comes down to the business that best uses the resources at hand to their advantage.  Let’s take a moment to discuss  bad Yelp review removal, and how you can increase the quality and even aggregate score of your business by taking a more proactive approach.

Wait, I Can Have Bad Yelp Review Removal For My Business?

Yes you can!  You are not entirely at the mercy of reviewers.  Just like you, reviewers are kept to a standard of guidelines for their posts.  If a reviewer breaks one of these guidelines, then there are grounds for you to have the review removed.

How Does Bad Yelp Review Removal Work?

Bad Yelp review removal works as followed.  You have a good understanding of posting guidelines on Yelp.  When you see a poor comment, review to see if it breaks any of the posting rules.  If it does, then you can file a petition to have the comment removed.  By removing poor comments with little content, you can leave a much better understanding of your business through user reviews.  Users will see the comments, see how informal they are, and act accordingly.  Below is listed the criteria that you can use to dismiss comments through bad Yelp review removal.

What Are Some Criteria For Bad Yelp Review Removal?

Inappropriate content is considered anything that is inflammatory, degrading, attacking, or other inappropriate content.  Inappropriate content is pretty easy to spot, as it typically attacks the company and individual while providing little of substance or value.

Conflicts of Interest are when you receive negative reviews from an individual who happens to work at a competing company.  Bad Yelp review removal loves removing these comments as they represent a misuse of their platform.

Promotional content is considered anything in a review comment that instead of speaking towards their experience with your business, speaks instead towards the benefits of a similar competing business.  If such reviews are left, then you can flag them for bad Yelp review removal.

Demanding payment is when a person purposefully leaves poor reviews in an attempt to extort money or services from you.  This is another thing that bad Yelp review removal is specially designed for, as Yelp has a zero tolerance policy on extortion attempts.

Intellectual property as a means for bad Yelp review removal involves any review that is not unique to your comments.  If the review has been copy and pasted from another source, then it can be considered intellectual property elsewhere and the entire review can be dismissed.

Privacy violations include any time business information’s private information is published.  Privacy violations most often happen when people are really angry with a company for whatever reason, and as a result can be removed.

Relevance is a final consideration.  Simply put, if the comment is not relevant to the experience at hand, then it can be dismissed.  These comments include people talking about how the employees are treated, wages, ideologies, etc.  If the comment contains this information, then you can report it for bad Yelp review removal.

An Easier Way

While you can certainly go in alone, you will be surprised at how much personal time and money you save by having the professionals handle bad Yelp review removal, as well as the dozen or so other sites where your profile will be listed.  By using a professional, this business model directly addresses your needs as a business owner, and saves you a great deal of hassle and bring additional business to your company through SMART sites services and technology. You will be amazed at how much your reputation and sales can improve when you remove the mistakes and optimize your online search performance.

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