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How do people find out about my business?  This simple question has been at the heart of success and failure for businesses online dating back nearly 2 decades.  In the end, putting the time, money, and effort into optimizing your brand online can have innumerable benefits down the line.  Let’s take a moment to review how to get Yelp reviews for my business, why this is important, and how Xurli through their SMART sites can drastically improve your business while saving you time and money.

Why Should I Bother With How To Get Yelp Reviews For My Business?

Simply put, Yelp is a monolithic website dedicated to reviewing different local businesses across the country.  All reviews are left by individuals who have been to the business and experienced their services.  By boosting the reviews in Yelp, you become a more trusted name that individuals both local and afar will consider.  The nature of the reviews (aka how positive they are) as well as the content in the reviews will give your customers a better idea regarding what you are all about.  As a result, one of the best ways to improve traffic to your website or foot traffic into your establishment is by getting Yelp reviews.

Do Not Make These Mistakes!

So, how do you figure out how to get Yelp reviews for my business?  Well, the first step is to not sink before you learn to swim.  What do we mean by this?  More often than not, companies will make mistakes on Yelp by not adhering to the policy and guidelines posted by the company.  For Yelp, these mainly have to do with how information is handled with the videos, public comments, and ‘From the Business’ section.  The biggest mistake companies make is to ask for reviews for their business on Yelp.  This is a big ‘no-no’ and may result in you losing your account.  As Xurli identifies, there are a dozen or so more requirements that you will have to carefully identify and abide by in order to not break the rules of Yelp.  Despite all the effort, the increased business traffic makes it well worth it.

Request From Your Establishment

Just because you can’t request reviews on Yelp on Yelp itself, it doesn’t mean you can’t request people to look you up say in your store, or on other social media platforms like your Facebook Business Page.  A successful online presence requires creating a web of resources for people to access and that eventually draws them towards where you need to go.  Xurli helps you to set this up as well as manage it, dramatically increasing your online presence. In addition, it uses these third-party resources as a means to answer the question of how to get Yelp reviews for my business.  In the long-run, you save time and money by going with a professional source.

Make Sure The Yelp Reviews Will Be About Their Experience

One of the best ways for how to get Yelp reviews for my business is to monitor the reviews you currently have.  People are more likely to leave reviews if the ones left are to the point, and not spammy messages.  Remove the spam, and use Yelp rules to your advantage.  Remove anything that demands payment, is intellectual property, has to do with privacy, has a lack of relevancy, is about promotional content for another site, is a conflict of interest between the poster and the business, or is inappropriate content.

A Smarter Solution

The most effective way for how to get Yelp reviews for my business is to utilize Xurli.  Xurli is directed towards improving your results through their targeted SMART sites system that removes mistakes and focuses on sound business practices put in place by the companies (like Yelp.)  The end result is significantly better rankings, as well as improved business.

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