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Business owners, entrepreneurs, and busy professionals may spend more time in their home office than they do anywhere else. It becomes important to make your home office a place that you enjoy — while also ensuring that you can maintain your productivity. Here are a few important tips for making the best and most efficient home office you can.

Seal Away the Outside World — And Remove the Distractions

One of the major dangers of a home office is that it’s too easy to become distracted with things that don’t work. If you have children at home — or a spouse who is at home when you’re working — you’ll find it even more difficult to remain focused. A way to avoid this is to make sure that your home office is in an isolated area and that there aren’t any distractions (such as an errant television set) within the office itself.

Don’t Forget to Consider Ergonomics and Health

Your chair, the position of your keyboard, and your mouse and keyboard are all going to factor into how comfortable you are over time. A comfortable chair may be comfortable for the first thirty minutes — but will it still be comfortable after the first hour? The first two hours? To be safe, an office chair should always be adjustable. Keyboards should rest on keyboard trays slightly under a traditional desk and monitors should be positioned with the top of the monitor at eye level. Wrist rests can further help keep your hands in a safe and comfortable position.

Use Bright Lights and Plants to Enhance the Mood

Your surroundings can have an impact on your mental alertness and your willingness to work. In fact, even the color of your surroundings can impact how well you can focus. Studies have shown that natural lighting and plants will also reduce stress and thereby make it easier to focus on the tasks at hand. When your office feels comfortable and serene, you can tackle even the most complex of projects.

Put Some Storage Into Your Home Office

Most corporate offices are kept fully stocked. Your home office should be too. Consider putting in some storage so that you can keep the supplies that you most often need. Paper, pens, ink, and other vital consumables. Having all of these items at hand will reduce the amount of time you spend taking trips to the office supply store. Keeping a dedicated area for storage will reduce distracting clutter.

Consider Putting in a Relaxation Area

You shouldn’t always be working for hours straight. In fact, you should take some time to step away from the computer, stretch, and relax — both for your physical and your mental health. A small relaxation area, such as a comfortable chair and a coffee machine, can make a world of difference. Take a fifteen-minute break when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You can come back to a difficult project with refreshed new eyes.

By fine-tuning your surroundings, you can both make yourself more productive and happier while you’re at work. A good home office is going to make it easier for you. Finish your work faster, which also translates to more time for yourself and your family.

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