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Secure Your Position

with Google, Apple, and Bing’s local business directories to make sure you’re “on the map”

Eliminate Handicaps

from past online marketing mistakes and bad advice (this one’s a bigger deal than you think!)

Maximize Exposure

using other online directories to reinforce the search engine listings and generate more traffic..

Our simple 1-2-3 formula for increasing your online exposure gets you the 2 things your business needs online:  to attract more customers and to look more appealing.

Many companies like to keep their methods shrouded in mystery, but that’s not the case with us.  We don’t keep what we do a secret, rather we will proudly show anyone what we do… and that we do it more effectively and with better results than anyone else on the web.


We are passionate about one thing… simplifying the Internet for local business owners.

The founder of Xurli is an ex-franchise restaurant owner who understands what it means to own and promote a local business.  What he learned to do for himself, Xurli now does for thousands of customers in all 50 states.